NCFO Press Release

Falls Church, VA

September 16, 2022 Strike Q&A

Question: Can NCFO Members go on strike at 12:00:001 AM on Friday, September 16, 2022?

Answer: No. NCFO is engaging in an agreement ratification process, during which NCFO Members cannot exercise self-help (i.e., go on strike) at this time.

Question: If other Railroad crafts strike at 12:00:01 AM on Friday, September 16, 2022, do NCFO Members leave the job?

Answer: NCFO Members are required to honor all picket lines. If you report to work and other crafts have formed a picket line, DO NOT CROSS THE PICKET LINE. However, if you are mid-shift (already at work and working) and a strike is called by other Union Crafts, NCFO Members must finish working their shift, secure all equipment and leave work thereafter and not return until the strike is over, or there is a cessation of the strike or workers are compelled to return to work by legislation or order.