Who We Are

NCFO—now a district of SEIU 32BJ—represents members from a wide variety of occupations and industries, including building services, food processing, distilleries, manufacturing, federal parks and recreation areas, utilities, public services and both passenger and freight rail.

NCFO has always been proud of the inclusive character of its membership. We represent a diverse membership of working-class individuals in pink collar, blue collar and supervisory bargaining units.

We represent working people who keep schools warm and clean and others who provide warm meals to school children. There are NCFO members who make pumps, others who make sure water is pumped to your homes. There are members who ready the commuter train that takes you to work and others making sure there’s fuel in the train that takes you—or goods that you need—across the country. Some of the people we represent make parts for furnaces; others keep huge factories heated or connect a supply of natural gas to your home. Some guard prisoners while others manufacture pillows and peanut butter. Whether it’s producing ham for your dinner table or a candle to provide atmosphere, NCFO members are involved. You’ll find NCFO there to defend the rights of workers providing direct care to patients in state mental hospitals—or, in another part of the country, giving patients the X-rays they need. Whether it’s oiling door hinges in public housing, or huge machines used in distilling bourbon or manufacturing paper, NCFO is there.