NCFO Press Release

Falls Church, VA

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

We hope this letter finds you well. We are pleased to share some positive news regarding your healthcare contributions for the upcoming year.

We understand that managing healthcare expenses can be a concern for many, and we are committed to finding ways to alleviate this burden. We are happy to announce that for the year 2024, there will be no increase in healthcare contributions. This means that you can expect the same rates as the previous year.

However, we want to be transparent and emphasize that this decision does not guarantee that there won’t be any increases in the future. While we have been able to maintain the current rates for 2024, it is important to consider that history shows us that healthcare costs will fluctuate over time.

Our dedicated team at the CRLO and NCFO is continuously monitoring the healthcare landscape to ensure that we can offer you the best possible coverage. We will always strive to keep you informed about any changes that may occur, providing ample notice and explanations for any adjustments in the future.

We value your membership and trust in us to provide comprehensive healthcare coverage. Our goal remains to support your well-being while considering the financial aspects of healthcare.

Thank you for being a valued member, and we look forward to continuing to serve your needs.

With best wishes and personal regards, I remain,

In unity

Michael Pistone President – Elect NCFO/SEIU

Cc: Mr. Dean Devita, President National Conference of Firemen & Oilers, SEIU