Unaffordable Child Care: a National Problem


In no state is there adequate, affordable child care for a majority of children under five. And in 31 states, the annual cost of private child care is higher than the cost of in-state college tuition   Read More

Money from Super PACs Will Extend Internal Republican Fight


Most Republicans cheered when the Citizens United Supreme Court decision opened the floodgates to unlimited money in elections.   Read More

Who Did the House Republicans Try to Help on Tax Day?


(Hint: It wasn't You) Working Americans are squeezed with mortgages still under water. Middle Class incomes that have been lagging for decades and tens of millions are living paycheck to paycheck.   Read More

Equal Pay for Women Would Slash Poverty Rate for Single Working Moms


Working women earn, on average, 78.3 cents for every dollar men make. Close that gap and the percentage of single working mothers living in poverty would be slashed from 30 percent to 15 percent.   Read More

Coalition Unions Request Release From NMB


The ten unions in the New Jersey Transit Rail Labor Coalition have requested the National Mediation Board to release us from further mediation.   Read More

Wall Street Bonuses Double Earnings of All Full-time Minimum Wage Earners


The $28.5 billion in bonuses handed out last year by Wall Street banks are double the total annual pay for all 1,007,000 Americans who worked full-time at the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.   Read More

Declining Unionization and Growing Economic Inequality


It's not just in the United States that the decline in union membership - and density in key industries - has contributed to growing income inequality.   Read More

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