President Obama: I Would Join a Union


This past Labor Day, President Barack Obama said words that no sitting president has said in 75 years or so: "I'd join a union."   Read More

Employers Said the Sky Would Fall But $15 Minimum Wage Working Fine


As the city council of SeaTac, Washington, was considering becoming the first town in the United States to pass a $15 per hour minimum wage, employers lined up to oppose it, warning of dire consequences if it were implemented.   Read More

How Does the U.S. Stack up on Protecting Union Rights?


The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) - to which both SEIU and the AFL-CIO are affiliated - has issued its 2014 Global Rights Index, which measures how well trade union rights are respected in various countries.   Read More

Bring Jobs Back Home To America


Right now, companies are allowed to deduct the moving expenses for shipping jobs overseas from their taxes.   Read More

NCFO Boycotting Staples in Support of Postal Workers


NCFO and the rest of SEIU 32BJ are now boycotting the office supply company Staples and its related businesses and products because of the company's participation in a pilot program to steal the work of unionized postal workers.   Read More

Lavish Bonuses and a $104 Million Tax Dodge for Walmart


Walmart has been widely criticized for shifting the costs of its low-wage model onto taxpayers by paying so little that employees often qualify for food stamps and or Medicaid.   Read More

Republican Policies Help Make for Mixed Picture on Job Creation


Most of the jobs created to bring America to record employment are low-wage ones and you can thank right-wing obstructionism for this   Read More

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