Inequality and the 2014 Election


With about 95 percent of the income gain during the current "economic recovery" going to the top 1 percent, this might have been a topic during the recent elections.   Read More

Republicans are Winning the War on Voting Will it Give Them Victory in November?


It has become a key part of the Republican playbook: try to keep likely Democratic voters from going to the polls by passing a variety of restrictions, from voter ID laws to rules eliminating the right to register a the polling place on Election Day.   Read More

You'd Think the Rich Give More to Charity - But You'd be Wrong


It's just common sense to assume that folks not living paycheck-to-paycheck would be giving a higher percentage of their income to charities. After all, they have lots of extra disposable income and are in more of a position to "give back."   Read More

Americans Vastly Underestimate CEO-Worker Pay Gap


Maybe this explains why Americans aren't more outraged by exorbitant CEO pay.   Read More

Americans Have Long Workweek, Poll Shows


The average full-time employee in the United States now works 46.7 hours a week. This is slightly more than in over a decade, according to a Gallup poll.   Read More

President Obama: I Would Join a Union


This past Labor Day, President Barack Obama said words that no sitting president has said in 75 years or so: "I'd join a union."   Read More

Employers Said the Sky Would Fall But $15 Minimum Wage Working Fine


As the city council of SeaTac, Washington, was considering becoming the first town in the United States to pass a $15 per hour minimum wage, employers lined up to oppose it, warning of dire consequences if it were implemented.   Read More

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