Consumers Don't Like to Patronize Companies with Over-the-top Pay for CEOs


Researchers at Harvard Business School have found that Americans are willing to pay up to 50 percent more for something to avoid buying from businesses whose top executive draw outlandish salaries.   Read More

Swiss Bank Report: Inequality Getting Worse


Researchers with the Swiss bank Credit Suisse have just released their latest annual global wealth report.   Read More

Donald Trump's Tax Plan: Great for People like Donald Trump


Many Republicans were worried that would-be President Donald Trump was going to make the rich pay a lot more in taxes   Read More

Average American Worker Lost $3,770 Raise Since 2000


A $3,770 pay increase that American workers never got.   Read More

Kentucky OSHA Slams Cardinal Aluminum after Member's Death


In the wake of the death of an NCFO member in a May 11 workplace accident, the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Program (KY-OSH) issued dozens of citations against the company   Read More

Firing of Union Activist Backfires at Morehead State


When Aramark fired union activist Lucy Riddle on March 30, it was sending a message to other employees: try again to organize to win fair treatment and wages and you'll pay for it with your job   Read More

New Rule to Expose Outlandish CEO-Employee Pay Ratio


It took five years and faced stiff corporate opposition all the way, but starting in 2017, publicly traded corporations will have to report the ratio of top corporate executive pay to the average wage paid to company employees.   Read More

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