Social Security: Another Victim of Growing Inequality


A new study documents that there's yet another way that the growing economic inequality in our country is threatening its wellbeing: by undermining the funding for the Social Security retirement system.   Read More

The Rich Pay More, Don't They?


It is generally assumed that government takes lots of money from the rich and re-distributes it to the poor. It's also the popular view that the poor hardly pay anything in taxes.   Read More

Republicans Aim to Cut Social Security for Disabled Americans


In a move aimed at slashing benefits for disabled Americans, House Republicans voted to make it harder-if not impossible-to transfer funds from the Social Security Retirement Fund to the Disability Fund   Read More

Is it Too Early to Pick the Dumbest Comment of 2015?


Cramer's "Huge Profits Will Bring Raises" Is Early Favorite   Read More

NLRB Decisions Boost Union Organizing


Two recent decisions by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) should help restore the right of workers to organize unions in the private sector   Read More

More Manufacturing Jobs not enough To Restore the America's Working Middle Class


The title of the new report by the National Employment Law Project says it all: Manufacturing Low Pay: Declining Wages in the Jobs that Built America's Middle Class   Read More

Inequality and the 2014 Election


With about 95 percent of the income gain during the current "economic recovery" going to the top 1 percent, this might have been a topic during the recent elections.   Read More

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